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Violence Restraining Orders (Western Australia)

If you need a Violence Restraining Order

If you or your children are victims of violence we can assist you with an Application for a VRO. This help includes completing the form, advising on the many options available to keep you and your family safe, and appearing for you at Court.

If you need to respond to a Violence Restraining Order

If you have been served with a VRO we can discuss your particular situation and advise on how best to respond to the allegations.

You will need to attend all Court Hearings and abide by the particular terms of the VRO, even if one was made against you without you being at Court. An Intervention Order is a civil matter, so it does not mean you will have a criminal record. However, there are other consequences for you, the Respondent, and we will advise you of those for your particular situation.

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