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Intervention Orders - Violence Restraining Orders

Do you need an Intervention Order?

Family Violence happens in many families. It does not discriminate. If you or a family member is being affected by Family Violence we can assist with an application for a Family Violence Intervention Order. We can help you fill out the forms, appear on your behalf at Court and negotiate outcomes to keep you and your children as safe as possible.

Family Violence is not just about having a physical argument with someone. It includes:

  • Economic and financial abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Psychological threats
  • Damage to your property, and
  • Coercive and threatening behaviours

It also includes behaviours that expose children to violence even if they are not direct victims. Being exposed to family violence can have serious effects on children's health and development.

Some of the Magistrates' Courts have particular requirements and rules which we can advise you about once we discuss your individual circumstances and needs with you.

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Have you been served with an Intervention Order? 

If you have been served with an Intervention Order we can help you respond and guide you through the Court processes. Our lawyers can attend the Court with you, negotiate with the person who applied for the Order and appear at the Hearing on your behalf.

You will need to attend all Court Hearings and abide by the particular terms of any Intervention Order, even if one was made against you without you being at Court. An Intervention Order is a civil matter, so it does not mean you will have a criminal record. However, there are other consequences for you as the Respondent and we will advise you of those for your particular situation.

Some of the Magistrates’ Courts have particular requirements that we can advise you about once we discuss your individual situation with you.

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Personal Safety Intervention Orders (Victoria)

A Personal Safety Intervention Order (PSIO) is an Order made when there is no family relationship between the parties, such as disputes between neighbours. Our lawyers can advise you on all aspects of this area of law, including appearing at any Hearings.

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